Wine Glass Features And Functions

- Aug 21, 2018-

The savvy wine drinker is quite elegant in the way of playing with the wine glass. The wine is judged by the state of the wine swirling in the cup to judge the quality of the wine. Therefore, the wine glass should be light, and it should not be dropped when it is taken; if it is made thin, the color of the wine can be clearly seen. Different types of wine glasses take into account the needs of drinking, which can be described as unique. In general, the decisive factors that make a wide range of wine glasses include the design of the opening and the size of the cup (the difference in the thickness of the cup is not very large). Among them, the difference in the design of the opening determines the flow direction of the wine inlet. We know that the taste buds of the tongue have different sensitive areas, the tongue tip corresponds to the sweet taste, the inner side of the tongue corresponds to the sour taste, the outer side of the tongue corresponds to the salty taste, and the base of the tongue corresponds to the bitter taste. The shape of the cup and the size of the cup mouth determine the first point of contact with the taste bud at the entrance of the wine, thus affecting the taste of the wine. For example, a cup with a small opening, when drinking alcohol, the head must be lowered downwards, and the first sensory area where the wine flows into the tongue is the tip of the tongue, which highlights the aroma of the wine and the sweetness of the fruit.