Wine Glass Definition And Classification

- Aug 21, 2018-

The wine glass is called a goblet because of its slender base, but in fact, the goblet is just one of the wine glasses. In the wine culture, the wine glass is an important part of its indispensable. In the traditional Western view, choosing the right wine glass for the wine can help to better taste the wine. The bottom of the red wine glass cup has a grip, and the upper body is more round and fat than the white wine cup. It is mainly used to hold red wine and cocktails made with it. The Burgundy red wine glass is a wide tulip cup at the bottom of the cup. White wine glass The bottom of the cup has a grip. The upper body is longer than the red wine cup, and the curvature is larger, but the overall height is shorter than the red wine cup. Mainly used to hold white wine. In the white wine glass, the waist of the Burgundy white wine glass is slightly larger than that used for red wine, and it is full. Champagne glasses, tulip-shaped, straight and elongated, goblet.