The Material Of The Wine Glass And Its Selection

- Aug 21, 2018-

The wine glass is made of glass and crystal. Although they are very similar in appearance, there are subtle differences between the aroma and the taste of the crystal wine glass and the glass wine glass, which is caused by the roughness of the surface of the two. It can be observed by the microscope that the crystal surface has more concave and convex surface than the smooth surface of the glass, and the wine will help break the aroma of the wine during the shaking of the wine glass; with the champagne, the performance of the bubble will be better. At the same time, the concave and convex surface on the wall of the cup can retain the foam of the wine for a long time, and this is the soul of the champagne. In addition, the crystal material has strong toughness and high wear resistance; the refractive point of the light is also extremely rich, so that the wine glass is particularly beautiful under natural light; and it does not contain any color, completely transparent characteristics can be better. The beauty of the wine is preserved, and the original color of the wine body is restored (the glass usually has a gray-green color). Based on the above factors, the crystal cup will become the first choice for wine lovers.