The Difference In Appearance Of The Goblet

- Aug 21, 2018-

Mechanism products - the basic products seen on the market are completely clear products, the shape is single, the styles are less, the products are more cumbersome, the flow linearity of the products is poor, the transition between the cup and the bottom is hard, but the product size specifications are consistent. Preferably, there are no bubbles and water ripples, and the firmness is poor. Manually blown products - bright materials are supplemented by various decorations, with many changes in style, rich colors and styles, lighter products, good linearity of products, and obvious aesthetics. The product itself can keep up with the fashion trend of market consumption. Can give consumers more choices, can maximize the satisfaction of personalized consumer claims, there are bubbles and water ripples, good firmness. Handmade, there will be subtle differences between black and white dots and decorations of fine stripes and a few bubbles and chemicals. The presence of bubbles and stripes is also one of the important differences between artificial and mechanical glass processes, and is also a strong evidence for collectors to identify the value of collection.