The Difference Between Red Wine Glasses And Champagne Glasses

- Aug 21, 2018-

The champagne cup is slender, like a slender tulip flower, and the body is long, which can make the bubble in the wine have enough room for rise. The bottom of the cup has a concave point, which makes the bubble in the cup richer and more charming. Therefore, the drinker can fully appreciate the fun of the body to continue to foam in the cup, the mouth of the cup is small, and the aroma of the wine is not easily emitted. The top of the red wine glass is deeper than the white wine glass, and it is more round and fat. The mouth of the cup and the body of the cup are larger. When the red wine is poured into the glass, the wine needs to be shaken to make the wine and the full air contact, and a good taste is obtained, which requires the cup to have a large enough space.