How To Use Alloy Bench Top Goblets

- Aug 21, 2018-

The wine is red and white, the wine glasses are slightly different, but they all require fine sorghum cups. Why is this so that when drinking, avoid touching the cup directly with the palm, because the best drinking temperature of the wine is around 18 degrees Celsius, where the red wine is high and the white wine is low. If the palm is hot, then It’s a big kill. There is a general rule in the use of wine glasses, that is, whether you drink red wine or white wine, you must use a transparent goblet for the glass. Since the color of wine is a part of wine tasting as well as drinking and smelling wine, it has always been an important criterion for judging the quality of wine. The use of colored glass will affect the determination of the color of the wine itself. The purpose of using a goblet is to keep the hand in control and avoid the direct contact with the cup and affect the temperature of the wine. Hold the cup with your thumb, forefinger and middle finger. Never hold the cup, so you can fully appreciate the color of the wine. The heat from the palm does not affect the optimal drinking temperature of the wine.