How To Choose A Wine Glass

- Aug 21, 2018-

There are many varieties of cups. Zeng Wei thinks that the crystal cup is more crystal clear than the glass, the light transmittance, the refractive index is higher, and the sound is more crisp and long. “The texture, craftsmanship and thickness of the cup have a great influence on the taste.” The thinner the crystal cup, the better, but it is difficult to maintain the toughness. Like the Austrian brand Lido, the sommeliers love and hate, very thin, but can be broken with a pinch. "The crystal content is not the higher the better, too high crystal content, in fact, will reduce the light transmittance. Environmental protection advocates lead-free, but now the crystal cup contains lead is safe, completely lead-free technology is not easy to achieve.

Choosing a wine glass depends on the overall crystal clearness of the cup, but also whether the cup is comfortable to pick up, not top-heavy or light-headed. Secondly, see if the echo is long and crisp, the bigger the cup, the longer the echo is, and the smaller the volume is the more fragile. Quickly pull the cup mouth, have a crisp sound, or wet your fingers, rotate along the cup, and have a resonating sound. These two methods can easily and effectively test the crystal content and quality of the cup, but the glass is not This sound will be made.