Alloy Table Top Goblet Holding Cup Pose

- Aug 21, 2018-

When drinking red wine, take a goblet and gently hold the cup with three fingers, or someone can simply hold the cup and foot, but don't miss the cup, don't hold the cup with your palm, because the hand The temperature will destroy the taste of the wine in the glass. The brand of the brandy is just the opposite, because the short foot is the one that holds the glass with the palm of your hand. With the temperature of the palm, the aroma of the brandy can be better volatilized. When toasting, use the thumb, the ring finger and the little finger to grip the bottom of the cup, the middle finger to hold the cup and the finger, the finger is lightly placed at the joint of the cup and the wine cup, and the finger is as straight as possible, showing a graceful posture. As for the cocktail glass is conical, I think it is because in addition to drinking, but also look at the layering color of the wine, the temperature of the hand may damage the proportion of different wines, so to make a tall, champagne glass slender The cup is of course for watching bubbles.