The definition of cocktail party glassware

- Aug 21, 2018-

The so-called cocktail glass covers two definitions: first, a glass for cocktails; and second, a glass called a "cocktail glass." Cocktails, also known as mixed drinks, include mixed drinks that contain alcohol or non-alcohol. The characteristic is that most cocktails need to be iced or iced, so the glasses used for cocktails include goblets, such as champagne glasses (flavors and tulips). Flower-shaped), shallow champagne glasses; there are also flat-bottomed cups, such as old-fashioned cups and high-ball cups. When the above-mentioned cocktail is made, it is said that the cocktail generally needs ice treatment, so when drinking the cockroach, the cup cannot be directly touched by hand, so that the temperature of the hand does not affect the flavor of the wine. Therefore, in the various wine glasses mentioned above, the champagne glasses of the shallow dish are used for cocktails because of the high feet, so the champagne glass of the shallow dish is especially called the “cocktail glass”. Cocktail glass with a slender grip at the bottom and a regular triangle or trapezoid on the top. Its unique shape is brewed with a variety of styles, so that the home life is a scent of cocktails. Made of glass material.